A story of freshness

One summer when I was 8 years old my Grandma took me to sewing lessons, and I was hooked! I spent the next 10 years sewing for fun, making costumes, crafts, and clothes all throughout my schooling.  I was lucky to study a field I truly love and graduated college with degrees in Fashion Design and Pattern-making. After a summer in Southeast Asia, I jumped straight into a career in Technical Design for an internationally sold outerwear company and spent +/- 4 years getting my feet wet. I've jumped careers since and over the last +/- 15 years my 'day job' has led me through the fashion industry, learning the ins and outs of the apparel business, working lead in development, production, and sourcing.

Through a lot of hard work I’ve had the chance to see my designs bloom from concept through creation, and release out into the world. Few things are quite as exciting as seeing one of your creations walking down the street!  I launched Sereia some years back as my passion project and to keep me connected with my creative side. I am a collector of fabrics (it’s kind of a problem!); I try to use recycled and upcycled materials whenever possible for Sereia creations and keep sustainability as a practice in my business and daily life. 

I hope you enjoy your Sereia goodies; they’re made with lots of Love!