A story of freshness

Sereia was the dream of a little girl who just wanted to create. Through the years, the brand has evolved to be many different things, all have brought joy in creation and kept my creative side flowing.

I was lucky to study a field I truly love and graduated with degrees in Fashion Design and Patternmaking. After a summer in Southeast Asia, I jumped straight into a career in Technical Design for an internationally sold outerwear company and spent +/- 4 years getting my feet wet. I've jumped careers since and over the last +/- 15 years my 'day job' has led me through the fashion industry, learning the ins and outs of the apparel business, working lead in development, production, and sourcing.

Through lots of hard work, pin pricks and rotary blades causing (a little) blood, sweat and tears; I've had the chance to see my designs bloom from concept through creation and launch out into the world. Few things are quite as exciting as seeing one of your creations walking down the street!


Finding time to still make time to create is important to me. Sustainability is a practice I am embracing in my daily life wherever possible. I am a collector of fabric from friends, grandmothers and closing design firms. I try to use recycled and upcycled materials whenever possible for my creations. Sereia products are made so that you can dress them up or dress them down. "I’m a beach girl at heart and feel most comfortable in a tank top, jeans and some flip flops but sometimes a gal just needs a little something to pull it all together.